Pastor's Notes

Proverbs is one of the few books of the Bible MEANT to be read a few verses here and there. It is also meant to be taught to children by parents. But Proverbs is definitely not only for the young. Adults who were never taught it are wise to be starting now. Those who have studied it thoroughly are wise to be steeped in wisdom thoughout life. Proverbs teaches us to live wisely and reap the rewards of prosperity, peace of mind, and strong relationships with God and others!

A few notes for those teaching the proverbs to Children:

GENDER: This ancient book was first taught to sons, therefore, all the pronouns are aimed at boys. They are warned against immoral WOMEN, but daughters are not warned against immoral MEN. However, you the parent, can (and should) easily be able to apply the reverse side of these lessons to your daughters as well.

ADULTERY:  This word comes up a lot in Proverbs.  How do we deal with this subject matter with kindergarteners or younger? Do what you feel is best, but at my house we explained it this way. “An adulterer is someone who pretends to be married to someone even though they are not” and “adultery is pretending.” That worked well for us, and it is a pretty truthful description as well!

In Regards to WISDOM and FOLLY: Throughout proverbs WISDOM and FOLLY are presented as female characters. They call out to us, invite us, warn us, and praise us.  When you see this title, know that you are about to read about WISDOM, or FOLLY, but you are going to hear them presented as if they are women saying something to us.


Pastor Garrett Lahey

April 15th, 2014